Tuesday, April 14, 2020


So I finally got a chance to start my #givemesixcharacterstomakefanartof
I'm gonna do something a lil different with these.
I'm gonna do 3-4 different categories based on the HUNDREDS of ideas you guys gave me hahaha.
But First I want to start the challenge with a tribute to all of the essential people that are fighting the front lines for us, during this Pandemic.
I'm starting with the EMT's or EMS workers who are braving the elements, risking THEIR LIVES to save OUR  lives!
Thank you for all you are doing right now... And have ALWAYS done for us!

Special thanks to My 2nd Mom for the motivation!

#sketch #challenge #firstreponders #emt #covid19 #coronavirus #thankyou #drawingismylife #stayathome

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