Friday, May 18, 2012

some spidey action! you can pick this print up at any of my next shows this year.

here's a page from another property i'm working on for (Hazzum Studios.)
another page (Hazzum Studios)


So me and the rest of the Identity Comics Studios gang, The Franchize and Peng were guest speakers at Parkville High School in Baltimore last night. It was our first time presenting ourselves as Pros to an audience that large (over 100 people!). It was so amazing and inspiring! The students, parents, and teachers totally enjoyed us.  They had some really tough and well thought out questions for us, at the end... but we gave them all the answers they wanted and more! It felt really good to provide a positive role model to those future artists... and their parents, for that matter! I look forward to doing it again...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

IRON MUSLIM was a success!

Many of you may know that I was the artist on Rich Johnston's 'Iron Muslim', for BOOM! Studios. Here are the first 4 pages that i drew and inked for the book.

It was so awesome working with the editors at BOOM! Studios. Check out more of the preview pages and a review here. AND GO PICK IT UP FROM YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP!!! It sold out the first run... but there was a second run with alternate covers!!!