Thursday, September 5, 2013


*listenin to:
     "Cruisin", by D'Angelo
     "theBrotherhood", by Penelope Gaylord

So... here we are... about to embark upon another crazy stretch of conventions to wrap up the year!!!
first up, this week I will be at BALTIMORE COMIC CON, Sept 7-8!!! I'll be set up with my ID Studio mates at TABLES A85,A86.
We are selling my rare exclusive, ADVENTURE TIME SDCC #18, CANDY CAPERS #1, all the FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES you'll ever need... including my very own issue #17!!! We will also have ADVENTURE TIME and FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES exclusive sketch covers! And of course our normal batch of hot fire prints!!! My man, theFranchize is even up for a Harvey Award for best new promising talent! So you gotta come check me and the gang out this weekend... I mean... what else are ya gonna do!?!?!

Aside from the conventions coming back in full force... I've been working on a few other things lately.
1.  As previously mentioned... I was able to work on an entire FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES book... #17!
2.  I've also been working on some designs for MEGAMAN for ARCHIE Comics!
3.  I've always been a HUGE fan of SAMURAI JACK, and now... I've been blessed with the opportunity to do some cover work for the Comic book, by published by IDW. here are a few concept sketches...

4.  Finally, I've been working on some concept work for LEGO, to hopefully land a job with the great brick company. So far... everything is looking positive!