Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ultimate Spider-Man Season 4 starts today!

Ultimate Spider-Man
So, guys... Ultimate Spider-Man season 4 "Vs the Sinister 6" started airing today on #DisneyXD!
Episode 1 "Hydra Attacks pt 1"
Episode 2 "Hydra Attacks pt 2"
I worked on the 2nd episode...and my name is totally in the credits! Woohoo!

Alot of hard work and sacrifice from my family, went into helping my dreams come true last year (and continuing).
It's truly awesome to see my name on credits of Spider-Man. I'm totally geeked out!

I hope you guys enjoy season 4! So many cool things happen.
After episode 2 (Hydra Attacks pt 2) I worked on every 3rd episode... so Episode 5, 8, 11....etc!
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Lemme know if you are...or plan to watch!
Thanks everybody!